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Don't be Compromised by Fraud Schemes



Dear Valued Member,


We want to make you aware of several schemes that are happening in the area, which are being done through fraudsters Calling, Texting, Sending e-mails, & Social Media. 


Our top priority is protecting you and your family.


Please, no matter who calls you or if you find a great deal on the internet, never give out any of the following information to anyone even if it is a company that you do business with.


  1. Account Numbers/Card Numbers
  2. Logon ID's and/or Passwords
  3. 3 digits on the back of your Credit/Debit Cards
  4. Expiration dates on your Credit/Debit Cards
  5. Social Security Number
  6. Date of Birth


Any of this information can be used to steal money from you or steal your identity.


They promise things such as FREE MONEY as long as you give them your information, some even want you to pay fees in return.


They will ask you to lie to your financial institution if they call asking you questions.


They use Scare Tactics to try to get your account information.


If you receive a phone call from someone you do business with and they are asking this information, tell whomever is on the phone that you will call them back.  Never call back the number that they gave you, always use a good company number to call them back and ask if there is something wrong with your account.





Holiday Signature Loan

      Pick a term up to 24 months
      December 3 - 28
           $500 - $3,000


        5.50%  - 13.50%
                                                      Approval based on credit worthiness
                                              All rates based on Annual Percentage Rate




Auto Special



Dec 4 – Dec 28


New, Used, or Refinance

anything with a title And Farm Equipment




New – 2015
Tier A & B       1.99%    (24-72 MO)      OR        3.99% (84 mo)
Tier C & D       6.99%    (24-72 MO)      OR        8.99% (84 mo)


2014 – older

Tier A & B       2.99%    (24-72 MO)      OR        4.99% (84 mo)
Tier C & D       7.99%    (24-72 MO)      OR        9.99% (84 mo)




New purchase or refinance from other financial institutions

Approval based on credit worthiness

All rates based on Annual Percentage Rate

No refinancing of existing MOPAC loans

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